Board Composition

What We Look for in Director Candidates

Before considering director nominee candidates, the N&CG Committee assesses whether the Board’s current size and composition are appropriate and whether any vacancies on the Board are expected due to retirement, age limits or other factors. If additional directors are needed or vacancies are anticipated or otherwise arise, the N&CG Committee utilizes a variety of methods for identifying and evaluating possible nominees.

The Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines establish the criteria for Board membership. As a starting point, the N&CG Committee assesses a director candidate’s judgment, skill, diversity, integrity, experience with business and other organizations of comparable size, and the interplay of the candidate’s experience with the experience of current Board members. In evaluating these characteristics, including diversity, the Board considers individual qualities and attributes, such as educational background, professional skills, business experience, and cultural viewpoint, as well as more categorical diversity metrics, such as race and ethnicity, gender, and age. The Board considers whether this evaluation process is effective in promoting diversity during its annual self-assessment process.


How We Identify Director Candidates

The N&CG Committee considers various potential director candidates who come to their attention through professional search firms, current Board members, stockholders or other sources. A stockholder who wants to recommend a candidate for election to the Board should submit a written notice, as required by the Company’s Bylaws, including the candidate’s name and qualifications to our Corporate Secretary, who will refer the recommendation to the N&CG Committee. The N&CG Committee may require any stockholder-recommended candidate to furnish such other information as may reasonably be required to determine the candidate’s eligibility or to assist in evaluating the candidate. The N&CG Committee also may require the submission of a fully completed and signed Questionnaire for Directors and Executive Officers on the Company’s standard form and a written consent by the stockholder-recommended candidate to serve as a director, if so elected.

All identified candidates, including stockholder-recommended candidates, are evaluated by the N&CG Committee using generally the same methods and criteria, although those methods and criteria may vary from time to time depending on the N&CG Committee’s assessment of the Company’s needs and current situation.