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CSWI is a diversified industrial growth company with well-established, scalable platforms and domain expertise across two business segments: Industrial Products and Specialty Chemicals. Our broad portfolio of leading products provides performance optimizing and life safety solutions to our customers. Our products include mechanical products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (“HVAC/R”), grilles, registers and diffusers, building safety solutions and high-performance specialty lubricants and sealants. End markets that we serve include HVAC/R, architecturally-specified building products, plumbing, energy, rail, mining and general industrial. Our manufacturing operations are concentrated in the United States (“U.S.”), Canada and Vietnam, and we have distribution operations in the U.S., Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom (“U.K.”). Our products are sold directly to end users or through designated channels in over 100 countries around the world, including: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, the U.K., United Arab Emirates and the U.S.


Drawing on our innovative and proven technologies, we seek to deliver solutions primarily to our professional end-use customers that place a premium on superior performance and reliability. We believe our industrial brands are well-known in the specific end markets we serve and have a reputation for high quality. We rely on both organic growth and inorganic growth through acquisitions to provide an increasingly broad portfolio of performance optimizing solutions that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. We have a successful record of making attractive, synergistic acquisitions in support of this objective, and we remain focused on identifying additional acquisition opportunities in our core end markets.


Through our operating companies, we have a well-established legacy of providing high quality products accompanied by dependable service and attention to customer satisfaction. For example, our specialty lubricants were used on the excavation equipment for the Panama Canal. We also have a long history of innovation, and as an example, we believe that we were the pioneers of the acid neutralizer market, being the first to develop a method for removing internal acid from air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We partner with our customers to solve specific challenges and have developed a robust line of chemical and mechanical products. These products are distributed through an extensive wholesale distribution network serving the plumbing, industrial, HVAC/R, construction, electrical, and hardware market places. Many of our products have built a strong following among contractors due to their differentiated performance and from being the first to tackle challenges faced by the professional trades.


CSWI is a Delaware corporation and was incorporated in 2014 in anticipation of CSWI’s separation from Capital Southwest Corporation (“Capital Southwest”); however, our history dates back many decades through our well-established operating companies. The separation was executed on September 30, 2015 through a pro-rata share distribution of all the then outstanding shares of common stock of CSWI to the holders of common stock of Capital Southwest (the “Share Distribution”). Since the separation, CSWI has been an independent, publicly-traded company, listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.



Business Segments


We operate in two business segments: Industrial Products and Specialty Chemicals. The table below provides an overview of these business segments. For financial information regarding our segments, see Note 19 to our consolidated financial statements included in Item 8 Financial Statements and Supplementary Data (“Item 8”) of this Annual Report.


Business Segment   Principal Product Categories   Key End Use Markets   Representative Industrial Brands
Industrial Products  

  Building safety products including custom-engineered railings and expansion joints

  Grilles, registers and diffusers

  Fire and smoke protection products

  Specialty mechanical products

  Storage, filtration and application equipment for use with our specialty chemicals and other products for general industrial applications


  Architecturally-specified building products

  Commercial construction

  General industrial




  Rail car and locomotive

Specialty Chemicals  

  Adhesives/solvent cements

  Anti-seize compounds

  Chemical formulations

  Degreasers and cleaners

  Drilling compounds

  Firestopping sealants and caulks

  Lubricants and greases


  Pipe thread sealants



  Commercial construction



  General industrial


  Infrastructure drilling and boring


  Oil and gas


  Power generation



  Water well drilling




Industrial Products


Our Industrial Products segment consists of: specialty mechanical products; grilles, registers and diffusers; fire and smoke protection products; architecturally-specified building products; and storage, filtration and application equipment for use with our specialty chemicals and other products for general industrial applications. Generally, we manufacture industrial products internally, although we strategically engage third-party manufacturers for certain products. We ensure the quality of internally- and externally-manufactured products through our stringent quality control review procedures. The safety and sustainability of our building products enables them to be easily incorporated into the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) Building market.


Our key product types and brand names are shown below:


Product Types   Brand Names
Specialty Mechanical Products    
  air diffusers for use by professional air conditioning contractors     Airtec®
  condensate removal pumps and equipment mounting brackets     AquaGuard®
  condensate switches, traps and pans     All-Access®
  grilles, registers and diffusers     ArmorPadTM
  decorative roof drain downspout nozzles     Clean Check®
  drain waste and vent systems mechanical products     EZ Trap®
  ductless mini-split systems installation support tools and accessories     Fortress®
  equipment pads     Goliath®
  line set covers     G-O-N®
  tamper resistant locking refrigerant caps     HubsetTM
  wire pulling head tools     Kickstart®
      Magic Vent®
      Mighty BracketTM
      Slim DuctTM
      Wire GrabberTM
      Wire SnaggerTM
Fire and Smoke Protection Products    
  fire-rated and smoke-rated opening protective systems     FIRE+SMOKE®
      Smoke Guard®
Architecturally-Specified Building Products    
  architectural grating     Balco®
  engineered railing     DuraFlexTM
  entrance mats and grids     Greco®
  expansion joint covers     llumiTreadTM
  fire barriers     MetaBlock®
  partition closure systems     MetaFlex®
  photoluminescent egress markings and signage     MetaGrateTM
  specialty silicone seals     MetaMatTM
  stair nosings     Michael Rizza
  trench and access covers     UltraGridTM
Storage, Filtration and Application Equipment    
  lubrication application and management systems     Air Sentry®
  storage and filtration devices     Guardian®
      Oil Safe®
      Whitmore RailTM


New Product Development


Customer experience is a core competency in our Industrial Products segment. We gather “voice of the customer” market research through organized focus groups and online surveys, as well as through less formal channels. Ideas for new products or enhancements to existing products are also generated by our relationships with end users, independent sales representatives, distributors and our internal sales and marketing team. We also actively monitor the competitive landscape. We develop new products and modify existing products in our research and development (“R&D”) labs in Houston, Texas; Rockwall, Texas; Boise, Idaho; and Wichita, Kansas.





Our competition in the Industrial Products segment is varied. Competitors range from small entrepreneurial companies with a single product, to large multinational original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”). In the specialty mechanical products category, we compete with Diversitech, Supco, Little Giant, Oatey, Mainline, Jay R. Smith and others. Most of our products are sold through distribution channels, and we compete in this channel based on breadth of product line, customer service and pricing. In the fire and smoke protection category, we compete with Won Door, Stoebich, McKeon and others, typically on the basis of product innovation, knowledge of building codes and customer service. In the architecturally-specified building products category, we compete primarily with Emseal, Inpro, and MM Systems on the basis of product innovation, price and driving architectural specifications. In the lubricant storage, filtration and transfer space, we compete with Des-Case, Hy-Pro, IFH and others on the basis of superior performance, brand strength and breadth of product line.




Our primary customers for specialty mechanical products are HVAC/R, plumbing and electrical wholesalers and distributors. Some of these are single location distributors, but many are regional or national in scope with hundreds of locations. The majority of these products are sold domestically; however, a small portion is sold internationally through similar channels, and a small number of OEMs purchase these products directly. Fire and smoke protection products are sold through internal sales and installation teams, as well as local building products distributors that also perform installations and service. Architecturally-specified building products are sold primarily through a network of distributors. Storage, filtration and application products are marketed and sold worldwide through a service-intensive distribution network.




A significant portion of our products are sold into the HVAC/R market, which is seasonal by nature. While products are sold throughout the year, revenues tend to peak during the spring and summer months.


Specialty Chemicals


Our Specialty Chemicals segment manufactures and supplies highly specialized consumables that impart or enhance properties such as lubricity, anti-seize qualities, friction, sealing and heat control. In addition, the segment includes penetrants, pipe thread sealants, firestopping sealants and caulks and adhesives/solvent cements, which are primarily blended at our facilities to create proprietary premium products. These highly-specialized products are typically used in harsh operating conditions, including extreme heat and pressure and chemical exposure, where commodity products would fail. These products protect and extend the working life of large capital equipment such as cranes, rail systems, mining equipment, oil rigs and rotating and grinding equipment found in various industrial segments such as steel mills, canning and bottling, mining and cement. Additionally, our Specialty Chemicals segment blends and supplies specialty products used in the plumbing and building markets. These products enhance, repair or condition the internal working systems of both industrial and residential systems and are critical to ensuring safe, efficient and effective long-term operational integrity. The Specialty Chemicals segment also supplies products and services into the water well treatment space, which includes testing services and diagnosis of current conditions, coupled with consumable solutions to resolve any identified problems.


Our key product types and brand names are shown below:


Product Types   Brand Names    
  chemical sealants to stop air-conditioning refrigerant leaks     BioRail®     Metacaulk®
  engineered specialty thread sealants designed to seal and secure metal     Caliber®     No. 5®
  oil field anti-seize products for drilling and conveyance piping     Deacon®     ParagonTM
  open gear specialty lubricants for heavy equipment     Decathalon®     RailArmor®
  railroad track lubricants, conditioners and positive friction consumables     DesolvTM     RenewzTM
  solvent cements and fire stop caulks     Envirolube®     Sterilene®
  specialty lubricants for various industrial applications     Gearmate®     Surstik®
  specialty sealants for high temperature applications     KATS Coatings®     Surtac®
  water well treatment products and services     KOPR-KOTE®     T Plus 2®
      Jet-Lube®     TOR Armor®
      Leak Freeze®     Tru-BluTM
      Matrix®     UnicidTM
      Medallion     Well-Guard®


New Product Development


We develop relationships with end-users and channel partners to understand a multitude of operating conditions where technical innovation or enhancement is needed. For example, these relationships have generated innovation in the areas of modifying existing lubrication products to operate in arctic conditions or modifying an existing product for use in an application where saltwater may be present. The development teams located in Rockwall, Texas and Houston, Texas are also actively targeting additional end markets for product use and penetration.





In general, our products are specialty products that demand premium valuation, rather than commodity products, and competitors tend to be varied and include global, regional and local companies that may be large or small. We compete primarily on the basis of product differentiation, superior performance and quality and customer-centric service. The product sales cycle is often long when compared to many commodity consumables, typically resulting in quantified, verified and repeat product performance being the key driver of buying decisions, rather than price. As these products protect and enhance the operation of large capital equipment, qualification is based on the proof of value in application, resulting in a high changeover risk barrier. Typical competitors include Shell, Castrol, Fuchs and Exxon-Mobil. Competitors of our sealants and adhesives products include Dow Corning Corporation, Henkel, 3M Company, Specified Technologies Inc. and Hilti.




Specialty Chemicals products are primarily sold through value-added distribution partners, as well as maintenance and repair operations or catalog channels. Our Specialty Chemicals organization provides both market-specific and product line specific training to both the distribution partners and potential end users. Our specialists often visit end users with distribution partners to advise on critical application issues, which enhances our ability to both “pull” demand from the end-user and “push” demand to distributor partners. Specialty Chemicals customers include petrochemical facilities, industrial manufacturers, construction companies, utilities, plant maintenance customers, building contractors and repair service companies.


Discontinued Operations


During the third quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, we committed to a plan to divest our Strathmore Products business (the “Coatings business”). As a result, we reclassified the assets comprising that business to assets held-for-sale, and made a corresponding adjustment to our consolidated statements of operations to reflect discontinued operations for all periods presented. During the quarter ended September 30, 2018, we received an aggregate of $6.9 million for the sale of assets that related to our Coatings business in multiple transactions. During the quarter ended March 31, 2020, we received $1.5 million for the sale of the last remaining real property owned by our former Coatings business and, as such, we do not expect to have any ongoing results of discontinued operations related to the Coating business in future fiscal years.


Our Competitive Strengths


As discussed in this section, we believe we have a variety of competitive strengths.


Broad Portfolio of Industry Leading Products and Solutions


In our targeted end markets, we have leading industry positions among our broad portfolio of products. We believe our products and solutions are differentiated from those of our competitors by superior performance, quality and total value delivered to customers. For example, RectorSeal No. 5® pipe thread sealant is widely regarded as an industry standard for thread sealants for HVAC/R, plumbing and electrical configurations. Additionally, we believe KOPR-KOTE® anti-seize lubricant is recognized as the anti-seize compound of choice for use in oil and gas drilling operations, where it is requested by name.


Organic Revenue Growth Platform and Optimizing Performance


We focus on developing our presence in end markets with strong growth trends, continuously evaluating the potential uses of existing products to broaden end market penetration. We historically have a loyal customer base that recognizes the performance results and quality of our products and solutions. Further, our customer base is diverse. For the year ended March 31, 2021, no single customer represented 10% or more of our net revenues.


These factors have enabled us to generate strong organic revenue growth performance, while remaining focused on strong profitability through optimizing our manufacturing processes. This effort is supported by a culture of continuous improvement, looking to refine processes in all of our manufacturing facilities to reduce manufacturing costs, increase production capacity and improve product quality. Additionally, we often evaluate strategic investments to drive transformational changes in our manufacturing processes. For example, in both of our reportable segments, we have taken actions to consolidate our manufacturing footprint in order to optimize capacity, improve efficiency and leverage technologies while enhancing product quality.



Diverse Sales and Distribution Channels


Many of our products are sold through full-service distribution networks where product knowledge and customer satisfaction are key success factors. We primarily market through an international network of both internal and third-party sales representatives that call on our wholesale distributors, contractors and direct customers. The strong, long-term relationships we have developed with our wholesale distribution partners and exclusive dealers allow us to successfully introduce organically developed products and acquired products. In addition, our extensive distribution network allows us to reach and serve niche end markets that provide organic growth opportunities and a source of opportunities for our acquisition strategy.


Focus on Inorganic Growth Investment with Proven Track Record


We believe our experience in identifying, completing and integrating acquisitions is one of our core competitive strengths, as evidenced by our portfolio of more than 10 acquisitions completed since the inception of the Company. Historically, we have pursued product-line acquisitions with relatively low integration risk that have the potential to benefit from our extensive distribution network and manufacturing efficiencies. More recently, we began targeting commercially-proven products and solutions that are attractive in our existing end markets where we can drive revenue growth and improved profitability and cash flow.


In the third quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, we acquired T.A. Industries, Inc. (“TRUaire”), a leading manufacturer of grilles, registers, and diffusers for the residential and commercial HVAC/R end market, based in Santa Fe Springs, California. In the fourth quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 and in early fiscal year 2020, we acquired two companies: MSD Research, Inc. (“MSD”), including its leading All-Access® line of air conditioning condensate switches and line cleanouts; and Petersen Metals, Inc. (“Petersen”), a designer, manufacturer and installer of engineered railings and safety systems for institutional and commercial structures in the Southeast U.S. We invested over $400 million for all three acquisitions. We did not complete any acquisitions during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.


Culture of Product Enhancement and Customer-Centric Solutions


Our highly-trained and specialized personnel work closely with our customers, industry experts and research partners to continuously improve our existing products to meet evolving customer and end market requirements. We focus on product enhancements and product line extensions that are designed to meet the specific application needs of our professional end use customers. Customer-centric solutions underpin our strong industrial brands and reputation for high quality products, in turn leading us to realize improved customer retention and loyalty. Further, our ability to meet the needs of high-value, niche end markets with customized solutions that leverage our existing products has enabled us to differentiate ourselves from larger competitors that may not be as willing or able to respond quickly to evolving customer demands.


Amid the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic, we have worked closely with our customers to provide them with the products and services that they need to continue conducting their operations. This includes ensuring that our supply chains are secure, that we maintain an adequate level of inventory to meet our customers’ needs and that we remain able to operate our facilities at the levels required to meet customer demand.


Our Growth Strategy


We are focused on creating long-term stockholder value by increasing our revenue, profitability and cash flow. Identifying strategic end markets yielding sustainable growth, expanding market share through our new product development and targeted acquisitions are all components of our strategy.


We Leverage Existing Customer Relationships and Products and Solutions


We expect to drive revenue growth by leveraging our reputation for providing high quality products to our broad customer base. Our team of sales representatives, engineers and other technical personnel continues to proactively collaborate with our distributors and professional end user customers to enhance and adapt existing products and solutions to meet evolving customer needs. In addition, we seek to leverage our existing customer base to cross-sell our products and solutions across our two business segments, thereby driving organic growth.



We Innovate New Products to Accelerate Organic Growth


The collaborative relationships and open feedback channels we have with our distributors and end users allow us to add value not only through enhancing and adapting existing products and solutions, but also through efficiently developing new products and solutions to meet existing and future customer needs. Our research and development and sales and marketing personnel work together to identify product opportunities and methodically pursue development of innovative new products. Through developing new products and solutions to both address new markets and complement our product portfolio in markets we currently serve, we create increased opportunities to drive organic growth.


We Invest in Focused Acquisitions that Leverage our Distribution Channels


While we are focused on new product development, improving our existing products and penetrating new markets with these products, we expect to continue to identify and execute acquisitions that will broaden our portfolio of products and offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. We primarily focus on commercially proven products and solutions that would benefit from a broader distribution network and are attractive to customers in our targeted end markets. Once acquired, we strive to utilize our extensive distribution networks to increase revenue by selling those products and solutions to our diversified customer base.


Raw Materials and Suppliers


Our products are manufactured using various raw materials, including base oils, copper flake, steel, aluminum, polyvinyl chloride and tetra-hydrofuran. These raw materials are available from numerous sources, and we do not depend on a single source of supply for any significant amount of raw materials. We are continuing to monitor the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on raw materials in our supply chain, along with the related impact on our end markets, both of which are causing supply chain disruptions for many companies. While we do not currently anticipate significant shortages of raw materials, the long-term impact of these events is uncertain and may cause isolated disruptions or generalized inefficiencies in our raw materials supply chain in the short term. In an effort to drive efficient margins, we generally purchase raw materials and components as needed.


Intellectual Property


We own and maintain a substantial portfolio of trademarks and patents relating to the names and designs of our products. We consider our trademarks and patents to be valuable assets. In addition, our pool of proprietary information, consisting of know-how and trade secrets related to the design, manufacture and operation of our products, is considered particularly valuable. Accordingly, we take proactive measures to protect proprietary information. In aggregate, we own the rights to the products that we manufacture and sell and are not materially encumbered by licensing or franchise agreements. Our trademarks can typically be renewed indefinitely as long as they remain in use, whereas our patents generally expire 10 to 20 years from the dates they were filed. Our patents expire from time to time, but we do not believe that the expiration of any individual patent will have a material adverse impact on our business, financial condition or results of operations.


Export Regulations


We are subject to export control regulations in countries from which we export products and services. These controls may apply by virtue of the country in which the products are located or by virtue of the origin of the content contained in the products. The level of control generally depends on the nature of the goods and services in question. Where controls apply, we typically need an export license or authorization (either on a per-product or per transaction basis) or the transaction must qualify for a license exception or the equivalent. In certain cases corresponding reporting requirements may apply. See Note 19 to our consolidated financial statements included in Item 8 of this Annual Report for financial and other information regarding our operations on a geographical basis.



Human Capital Management


We believe that our employees are our most valuable assets and that our skilled, engaged workforce provides us with a competitive advantage. As part of our commitment to our employees, we provide a safe work environment, ongoing training and professional development, competitive compensation and a generous health and retirement benefits package that includes paid time off, health and wellness care and available paid college tuition.


As of March 31, 2021, we employed approximately 2,300 individuals within our continuing operations globally. Regionally, approximately 900 of our employees are in North America, approximately 1,400 are in Asia Pacific, and approximately 10 are in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our workforce is made up of approximately 400 salaried employees and 1,900 hourly employees. Of these employees, approximately 1% of our U.S. workforce is represented by unions. We also have an employee works council in Vietnam. We believe relations with our employees throughout our operations are generally positive, including those employees represented by unions or works councils. No unionized facility accounted for more than 10% of our consolidated revenues for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021.


Workplace Health and Safety


We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy working environment, and we have developed a health and safety program that focuses on implementing policies and training programs to ensure all employees understand this commitment. Our health and safety strategies are consistently reviewed and updated as changes occur in our business, and employees are empowered to identify and report safety concerns and take corrective actions. Safety awareness and employee engagement programs have been implemented at the Company’s facilities and have generated meaningful reductions in workplace safety incidents.


The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored for us the importance of keeping our employees safe and healthy. In response to the pandemic, the Company has taken actions aligned with the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect our workforce so they can more safely and effectively perform their work. We manufacture products which are deemed essential to the critical infrastructure and all production sites have continued operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we have invested in creating physically safe work environments for our employees. Our health and safety focus is evident in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and includes the following:


adding work from home flexibility
encouraging those who are sick or have symptoms to stay home
increasing cleaning protocols across all locations
regular communications regarding health and safety protocols and procedures
establishing physical distancing and personal protective equipment procedures for employees
providing masks and cleaning supplies
implementing protocols to address actual and suspected COVID-19 cases and potential exposure
limiting non-essential domestic and international travel for all employees


Training, Development and Ethics


Consistent with our belief that our employees are our most valuable assets, developing our people is a critical aspect of our culture. Successful execution of the Company’s strategy depends on attracting and retaining highly qualified individuals. We provide developmental opportunities to help our employees build the skills necessary to reach their career goals, including on-the-job training, online learning, professional memberships, and leadership and management training. To help our employees see how their efforts contribute to our Company’s overall success, we utilize a robust performance management process and provide regular feedback to increase engagement and maximize talent development efforts.


Our core values of integrity, respect, excellence, stewardship, citizenship, accountability and teamwork form the foundation for our decentralized, entrepreneurial culture, and our Code of Business Conduct represents our shared commitment to living out these core values with the highest level of ethical conduct. All our employees across the globe, including our executive officers, are required to abide by our Code of Business Conduct to ensure that our business is conducted in a consistently legal and ethical manner. Our Code of Business Conduct covers many topics, including conflicts of interest, anticorruption, financial reporting, confidentiality, insider trading, antitrust and competition law, cybersecurity and information security, appropriate use of social media, and respect in the workplace. All our employees receive training on all topics addressed in our Code of Business Conduct every year through on-line and in-person training, and are required to certify that they will comply with the Code.



Compensation and Benefits


We strive to support both the short-term and long-term well-being of our employees. This commitment extends to the communities in which our employees live, where we are positive, active corporate citizens. A key element of employee well-being is providing pay and benefits for our employees that are competitive and equitable based on local markets. We believe it is important to reward employees with competitive pay and benefits to recognize professional excellence and career progression.


Our employees are all eligible to participate in Company-subsidized medical, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurance plans. We also provide employees with a paid supplemental life and accident insurance plan. We offer employees the opportunity to contribute to a Flexible Spending Account and a Health Savings Account. As part of our employee wellness program, and in an effort to encourage employees to participate, we provide financial incentives to our employees who choose to participate. Our retirement savings program includes a defined contribution plan plus an employee stock ownership plan (“ESOP”) through which our employees collectively own approximately 5% of our company. We believe this ESOP strongly aligns the interests of our employees with those of our stockholders.


Diversity and Inclusion


We are committed to promoting equal employment opportunity in all of our operations. We also believe that a truly innovative workforce needs to be diverse and leverage the skills and perspectives of a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. It is our policy, specifically noted in the Company’s Code of Business Conduct, that we do not tolerate discrimination for any reason, including without limitation race, color, religion, martial status, gender, gender identity, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability or perceived disability, whether or not such discrimination violates law. It is also our policy to comply fully with all laws prohibiting discrimination and promoting opportunity and advancement in employment. This policy extends to all aspects of employment opportunity including recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, promotion, transfer, layoff, recall, reduction in force, termination, retirement, placement, training and all other privileges, terms and conditions of employment. These initiatives align with our goal of creating a positive and dynamic workplace where all employees can flourish.


Government Regulations


Our operations are subject to certain foreign, federal, state and local regulatory requirements relating to environmental, waste management, labor and health and safety matters. Management believes that our business is operated in material compliance with all such regulations. To date, the cost of such compliance has not had a material impact on our capital expenditures, earnings or competitive position or that of our operating subsidiaries. While we have implemented policies, practices and procedures to prevent and mitigate risks, violations may occur in the future as a result of human error, equipment failure or other causes. Further, we cannot predict the nature, scope or effect of future environmental legislation or regulatory requirements that could be imposed, or how existing or future laws or regulations will be administered or interpreted.


Available Information


We file annual, quarterly and current reports, proxy statements and other information with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Our SEC filings are available to the public at the SEC’s website ( We also make these filings available free of charge on our website ( as soon as reasonably practicable after we electronically file those documents with the SEC.


Also available on our website are our Corporate Governance Guidelines and Code of Business Conduct, as well as the charters for the Audit, Compensation & Talent Development, and Nominating & Corporate Governance Committees of our Board of Directors and other important governance documents. All of the foregoing may be obtained through our website noted above and are available in print without charge to stockholders who request them. The information on or accessible through our website is not incorporated by reference into, or otherwise made part of, this Annual Report or any other document we file with or furnish to the SEC.