Looking Forward


Our team delivered tremendous financial performance in a very challenging fiscal 2021 through disciplined and strategic execution, which leaves us well positioned for continued success and sustainable long-term growth. We remain focused on continuing to drive growth in excess of the end markets we serve as well as building on favorable market trends and delivering on our commitments to our employees, customers, and stockholders.


The four guiding objectives with which we began fiscal 2021 will continue to serve us well into the 2022 fiscal year. We believe that continuing to focus first on treating our employees well will serve as the foundation and catalyst for success. Moreover, it enables achievement of the other objectives, as our second guiding objective of serving our customers well – and realizing the organic growth benefits that come from positive, long-term relationships — cannot happen without an engaged, fulfilled workforce.


Acknowledging that external factors such as supply chain challenges and cost inflation could moderate the positive effects of anticipated improvement in market conditions, our third guiding objective keeps us focused on the ongoing need to manage our supply chains well. The strength of our balance sheet and financial position enables us to strategically anticipate supply chain challenges and proactively address them. As we execute on these guiding objectives, we will continue to invest in financially and strategically attractive growth, thus addressing our fourth guiding objective—positioning the company for sustainable, long-term success.


In closing, I would like to recognize my fellow CSW Industrials Board member, William Quinn, who will be retiring from our Board at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Mr. Quinn was one of five original Board members when we became an independent public company in September 2015 and has contributed meaningfully to making CSW Industrials the company it is today. I know you will join me in thanking Mr. Quinn for his years of distinguished service to the Company and the important leadership role he has played in our collective success.


On behalf of all of my colleagues and fellow stockholders at CSW Industrials, thank you for your continued support of our company.


Very truly yours,