Proposal One: 
Election of Directors

The Company’s Board currently consists of eight directors. William Quinn will retire from the Board effective as of the Annual Meeting pursuant to the age limitation provision in our Corporate Governance Guidelines and is therefore not nominated for reelection. Mr. Quinn was one of our inaugural Board members when we became an independent public company in September 2015 and has contributed meaningfully to making CSW Industrials the company it is today. We thank Mr. Quinn for the years of distinguished service he has provided to the Company and the important leadership role he has played in our collective success.

The Board has nominated Joseph Armes, Michael Gambrell, Terry Johnston, Linda Livingstone, Robert Swartz, Kent Sweezey and Debra von Storch, whose terms of office are expiring at this 2021 Annual Meeting, to serve a one-year term that will expire at the 2022 annual meeting of stockholders. All of the nominees were elected by stockholders at the 2020 annual meeting. Biographical information regarding the nominees is provided on the following pages.