Report of The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors consists of five independent directors: William Quinn (Chair), Terry Johnston, Robert Swartz, Kent Sweezey and Debra von Storch. The Audit Committee operates under a written charter adopted by the Board. The Audit Committee met five times in fiscal 2021.

Management has primary responsibility for the Company’s internal controls and the financial reporting process. The independent auditors are responsible for performing an independent audit of the Company’s consolidated financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and issuing a report on this audit. The Audit Committee’s responsibility is to monitor and oversee this process, including engaging the independent auditors, pre-approving their annual audit plan, and reviewing their annual audit report.

In this context, the Audit Committee has reviewed and held detailed discussions with management, including the executive leadership team and internal audit staff, on the Company’s consolidated financial statements and matters relating to the Company’s internal control over financial reporting. Management represented to the Audit Committee that the Company’s consolidated financial statements were prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States and that these statements fairly present the financial condition and results of operations of the Company for the period described. The Audit Committee has relied upon this representation without any independent verification, except for the work of GT, the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm. The Audit Committee also discussed these statements with GT, both with and without management present, and has relied upon their reported opinion on these financial statements.

The Audit Committee further discussed with GT matters required to be discussed by the applicable requirements of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”) and the SEC. In addition, the Audit Committee received from GT the written disclosures and letter required by applicable requirements of the PCAOB regarding GT’s communications with the Audit Committee concerning its independence, and has discussed with GT its independence from the Company and its management.

Based on these reviews and discussions, including the Audit Committee’s specific review with management of the Company’s Annual Report and based upon the representations of management and the report of the independent auditors to the Audit Committee, the Audit Committee recommended to the Board that the audited consolidated financial statements be included in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 filed with the SEC.

William Quinn, Chair
Terry Johnston
Robert Swartz
Kent Sweezey
Debra von Storch